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A.S. Neill

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Mitchells declared Neill "the most notable step in the Rousseauean tradition", and Do Flanagan credited Neill with actualising what Rousseau disorganized. Neill's emerging understanding of college seemed to be fairly influenced by other psychologists of his post as well, including Wilhem Stekel and Wilhem Draft.

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records for Alexander Neill. Find Alexander Neill's phone, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading online directory. Jan 11,  · Alexander O'Neal - If You Were Here Tonight Visit Alexander O'Neal fan page at Alexander O'Neal's new. Alexander O'Neal's self-titled debut album was a very strong set of contemporary R&B music.

Like his idol Otis Redding, O'Neal handled both slow-tempo romantic ballads and stormin', sizzling-hot uptempo tracks equally well/5(41). James Neil Alexander (born 10 March ) is a Scottish football coach and former professional player, who is currently the goalkeeping coach at Dundee United.

He began his career in the Scottish Football League with spells at Stenhousemuir and Livingston. The Scottish psychologist Alexander Sutherland Neill () is most famous as the founder of Summerhill School and as the developer of its radical child-centered theory of education.

Born in Forfar, Scotland, on Oct. 18,Alexander S. Neill received his early education in his father's one. A. S Neill, a Scottish writer and rebel, was born in Forfar, Angus on 17th October That somebody of his generation could not only cross the divide between generations, but could also be a leader in a most modern approach to children and childhood, is extraordinary.

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