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Three Men in a Boat-Character Sketches Part-I

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The 100 best novels: No 25 – Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome (1889)

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George is a good-natured banker, and one of J.'s best friends. Of the three men, he is portrayed as the only one who is seriously dedicated to his job. He brings. J is the narrator of the story 'three men in a boat' and aooears to be happy-go-lucky man.

he has varied shades to his character. at first he seems more of a hypochondriac who thinks that he has all the diseases of the world.

Jerome K. Jerome

he likes to be at the head of the things which is clear from his behaviour when they pack for the boat trip. Character sketch of Jerome - Jerome is the narrator of the book.

He is a young, single middle-class man living in London, much like the author himself at the time of the publication of the book, and the initial J is possibly meant to suggest that he stands in for Jerome.

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