Evaluating stage of graded unit

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Grading systems by country

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Graded Unit Planning Stage Kirsty Lafferty I am currently on placement at the Fred Paton Day Care Centre which is a Centre for elderly service users. My role in the facility is to provide support / assistance when required and to help engage service users in activities that are provided by the staff within the organisation.

 Graded Unit Development Stage This is the second stage of the three essays involved in the graded unit This stage is the development stage. The essay will apply practice and perspectives to the fulfilment of the aims and objectives of the chosen activity and will relate back to the planning stage.

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West Mission Road, San Marcos, CA | tel: x | fax: Jul 11,  · Evaluation for my Graded Unit Project ’ June My Graded unit project, ‘Private + Public’ set off well with a great inspiration I received from a lecturer, Ray McKenzie, from Glasgow College of Art who gave a presentation about public space and.

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Evaluating stage of graded unit
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