Marcia muller creating a female sleuth

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Lady on the Case : 22 Female Detective Stories

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MULLER, Marcia

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Marcia Muller and the female private eye : essays on the novels that defined a subgenre

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Marcia Muller (born September 28, [4]) is an American author of fictional mystery and thriller novels. [6] Muller has written many novels featuring her Sharon McCone female private detective. A native of the Detroit area, Marcia Muller grew up in a house full of books and self-published three copies of her first novel at age twelve, a tale about her dog complete with primitive illustrations/5(2).

InMarcia Muller invaded the all-male domain of detective literature and within a decade was established as the mother of the female hardboiled private eye. The Color of Fear (A Sharon McCone Mystery) [Marcia Muller] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Looking for Yesterday by Marcia Muller (2013)

In New York Times bestselling author Marcia Muller's captivating new mystery, private detective Sharon McCone's investigation hits closer to home than ever before THE COLOR OF FEAR When a knock on the door in the middle of the night wakes SharonReviews: Aug 13,  · Marcia Muller's long-running Sharon McCone mystery series is set in San Francisco and follows Detective Sharon McCone as she helps clean the city up -- one murderer at a time.

"Marcia Muller is the founding mother of the contemporary female hard-boiled private eye." -- Sue Grafton G enerally credited with being the first liberated female private detective of the modern era, Marcia Muller's SHARON McCONE certainly helped pave the way for the later success of Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone, Sara Paretsky's V.I.

Warshawski and Laura Lippmann's Tess Monaghan.

Marcia muller creating a female sleuth
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