Minimalist music

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Drone music

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Characteristics of Minimalist Music

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The beauty of Minimalism is that it started out as something so simple. In the most elaborate symphonies, it's easy to miss the best bits amongst all the action, but in the first minimalist pieces even the smallest change was of huge significance. In music in particular, minimalism was the single most important idea of the last century, the one that made possible virtually all that we now listen to and hold dear, from punk and techno to.

List of minimalist composers

Tennis 'Always Something': Serena Williams' Past US Open Episodes. Serena Williams' dispute with the chair umpire during the U.S. Open final is the latest issue she's had with match officials. List of minimalist composers. Jump to navigation Jump to search.


Notable minimalist composers include: John Adams (born in the US) Louis experiments in translating the theories of Piet Mondrian's De Stijl movement into music represent an early precedent to minimalist music. Minimalist music is austere with static harmony, pulse-driven, diatonic and a static instrumentation style.

This music has been used in various Hollywood movies, like 'Minority Report' 'Traffic' and 'Solaris' as their soundtrack and background scores. Define minimalist music. minimalist music synonyms, minimalist music pronunciation, minimalist music translation, English dictionary definition of minimalist music.

A musical movement based on extremely simplified, prolonged, rhythms and patterns with great use of repetition of individual phrases and avoidance of.

Minimalist music
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