Online content management and document tracking

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Documents and Records Management in SharePoint Online / Office 365

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Admin Guide: Configuring and using document tracking for Azure Information Protection

The ComplyALIGN policy management solution supports comprehensive document management, document review and approval workflows, tracking, versioning, auditing, and staff attestation of all policies and procedures.

Acquia is one of the best content management software solutions in our listing.

The Best Document Management Software of 2018

It is a CMS platform designed for commerce, community, and content. The software offers a cloud-based platform where you can build and optimize digital experience for your clients.

Alinous Document CMS. This software is a Content Management System for online documents. It has very flexible template engine, and you can freely edit the template on the web browser. Synergy Document Tracking An integral component of the Synergy Document Imaging system.

This complete Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform fully automates the creation and management of electronic documents.

Content Management Software (CMS)

SharePoint Online site collection administrators can use the audit feature to track which users have taken what actions on the sites, content types, lists, libraries, list items, and library files of site collections.

Online content management and document tracking
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Documents and Records Management in SharePoint Online / Office - SPR