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Mexican War of Independence

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Latin American Revolution DBQ Erin McDuffie, Kara Christopher, Aqil Herb, Emma Sheehan Document 2 During the time period ofcountries in Latin America worked towards gaining independence from Europe. There were major divides in the social classes which led to dispute.

The Dutch Republic, once a strong military force which was able to fend off the Spanish in the Eighty Years War, struggled with naval attacks from the English and land-based invasions from the French.

Mexican-American War DBQ Nearpod Students can practice analyzing documents with this Nearpod. They'll use drawing tools to annotate on 4 documents showing their analysis of them and then answer questions on their handout.

Can be used as a full DBQ or stand alone documents / discussion questions. Separate questions accompany each of the six documents as well a hyperlinks to help aid them in relating to our current American government.

Mini-Qs in Texas History Ten High-Interest Units of Study. Cabeza de Vaca: How Did He Survive? Why Did Texas Almost Fail as a Spanish Colony? Remembering the Alamo: A Personal Journal. Unlike the Spanish, the French settled in the less hospitablenorthern climate of New France (Quebec and Nova Scotia), and the French government provided little incentive for citizens to venture to the New World and settle in this cold area.

Spanish republic dbq
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